Are you a burden or a blessing?

I Cor 16:15 reminds us that the house of Stephanas had “addicted themselves to the ministry of the saints”. Paul also said of Mark, that he was “profitable” to Paul for the ministry. What a difference it makes in the life of a christian when they they move from the state of needing to be blessed, to having an overwhelming desire to be blessing. Some thrive on kind words that are said of them, and others are encouraged by speaking kindness to others. Some need someone else shoulders to carry their every burden, others always seem to leave a shoulder always ready to lift someone else. We need some Christians who are praying for God to make them a blessing. Many people are not faithful enough to the house of God to know where they can be a blessing. May we ask God to make us a blessing to the ministry of the saints.

About Mark Lancaster

I have the blessing of being the Pastor of Grace Baptist Church. My wife, Julie, and I are excited about the possibilities of what the Lord is going to do in Wiesbaden.
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