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Mark Lancaster  ┬áJune 2, 2011

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About Our Pastor

The Lancaster FamilyOur Pastor was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee. He was led to the Lord by his mother when he was five years old. Church has always been a vital part of his life, having grown up in a Pastor's home. While attending Bible College, Pastor Lancaster met his wife, Julie, and they were married in August, of 1987. Julie grew up in a Christian home, and was saved at the age of eight. As a young teen, she gave her ability to play the piano to the Lord, and God has used her for over thirty years now, as a church pianist.

In 1992, God gave the Lancasters their only child, a precious girl named Emily. She was saved at the age of six. She now is continuing to follow the Lord's leading as she studies at The Crown College, in Powell, Tennessee.

Pastor and Mrs. Lancaster have served together as an assistant Pastor, youth director, and music director. Bro. Lancaster also pastored in the states for a number of years before coming to the mission field. In December, 2004, the Lancasters joined with Baptist International Missions, to come to Germany to help his father, Dr.Tom Lancaster, in starting independent Baptist churches among our American military in Europe. In September, 2008, Pastor started Harvest Baptist Church in Bamberg, Germany. This work now has a full-time pastor.

God has given the Lancasters a special burden for the military and international community of Wiesbaden. With God's help we are praying that a strong work will be established that will be used in seeing many souls saved as well as many sent out of this work into full-time Christian service.