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Listen to "Grace Giving"
Mark Lancaster   June 2, 2011

Upcoming Events

Euro Youth Conference 2011

Summer is almost here again and we are gearing up an dgetting plans together for Euro Youth Conference 2011, July 19-21. Our theme for this year is, "Exteme Impact". We are praying that God will use some teens here in Europe to make a great difference in our churches, schools and homes. We are asking God to give us the greatest year of decisions that we've ever had!

The three days will be jammed packed with eating, singing, skits, games, surprises, competition, fellowship and great preaching. It will be our privilege once again to have Pastor Kurt Skelly as our main speaker. We will also have special music from some Bible college students throughout the conference. We are encouraging many young people to get involved again in our music competition. We will be competing in three different categories: vocal solo, vocal group and intrumental.

My goal this year is to have at 100 teenagers from at least ten different nations. Even if your young people do not have a great grasp of the english language, it will still be a life changing opportunity to fellowship with so many Christian teenagers. We will provide German translation for every service.

Just as the previous years, we are trying to keep the cost as low as possible. For those who register by June 15th, the cost will again be 70 Euro or $100. If you register after June 15th, the cost will be 80 Euro or $115. If we can help in any way to coordinate your travel, please let us know. If you purchase airline tickets ahead on RyanAir, the cost will be minimal. Let me encourage many of our churches to do as we have done an offer fund raisers to help your teens raise the money.

We want to encourage each group to try to have AT LEAST two adult chaperones with your group. Any adult can come to the conference and if you are staying for the whole conference, the only cost you will incurr will be for your meals and entrance into the amusement park, if you wish to go. The meal tickets are $5 per meal or $30 if all the meals are paid for at registration.

On our closing service, Thursday night, we are encouraging all of our churches nearby to bring your people to the service. We would like to pack out the church and see God do some great things.

Please put July 19th - 21st on your church calendar. Also, please pray and encourage your young people to be a part of this meeting. Attached is a brochure to help you to advertise. If you have any questions, please feel free to email pastor@gbcwiesbaden.com or call 0160-975-53527


Youth Conference Guidelines

Age of delegates should be between 12 and 18 years old.


  • Bible
  • toiletries
  • towel & washcloth
  • sleeping bag
  • pillow
  • spending money (snack bar & snacks at park)
  • flashlight


  • MP3 Player
  • iPod
  • computers
  • knives


Ladies: We're asking the ladies to please wear knee length skirts or dresses to all the services and to be careful that tops are not low-cut, tight or inappropriate. Ladies may wear long, loose, (basketball style) shorts for the outdoor activities.

Men: We would like to encourage the men to dress up for the evening services. It will be warm so we will certainly not ask for a coat, but we would like to encourage the guys to wear a tie. Men may wear jeans, warm-up pants, or to-the-knee shorts to the bowling and Holiday Park activities.

We understand that all of our ministries have new Christians that we are trying to help grow so we want to be lenient with those circumstances. We just ask each pastor to respect our wishes and help encourage these guidelines for the sake of the Youth Conference. We must be very firm about no shorts being worn or about the ladies' tops being appropriate. I believe with all my heart that the spiritual reception of a young person is a lot more open when they make and attempt to present themselves in body, mind and spirit to the Lord's desires. Thank you for your help!

Cost of the Conference

The cost of the conference is 70€ or $100 per delegate. After June 15th, the cost goes up to 80€ or $115. This covers the cost of the meals, entrance to Holiday Park, cost of bus rental to park, conference notebook and pen, and to help cover the expenses of Pastor Skelly. Adults will only need to pay for the meals (5€ per meal or 30€ in advance) and entrance to the park.

Sleeping Arrangements

Ladies will stay at Rhein River Baptist Church or in the homes of some of our church members. Men will stay at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Heidelberg. You may be able to put some adults up in homes if you will let us know in advance.

Snack Bar

We will have a snack bar between sessions where the teens can purchase Youth Conference t-shirts, pens, sodas, candy bars, chips, etc.

Music Competition

Categories for the music competition will be as flows: vocal solo, vocal group and instrumental. Two pieces are required for each category you will be participating in. Please email us the titles for the entries for approval at least two weeks before the conference.